Friday, May 11, 2012

Ruby Bangle collections of GRT jeweler's and vjb's


Ruby Collection

Ruby is one among four precious stones.  Check out Neck-ware Ruby collections of GRT jewelers.

Mangal sutras of tanishq

Gold Mangal sutra collection of Tanishq jewellery . Have a look.

Authentic Temple Jewelry Collection of Grt & Totaram

In May One of my cousin wedding is there so being a girl i'm thinking which saree to wear and what kind of jewelry suits for wedding?? plenty of thoughts hit my mind. Finally i decided to wear Temple Jewelry which looks amazing with silk saree's. .Temple Jewelry is nothing but traditional Jewelry which is mixture of both fashion and tradition.And here is few Temple jewelry Collection

                                        Traditional Necklace of 28 Grams

                                 Traditional Necklace with Ear Tops (37.55 Grams)


                                  Traditional Necklace of 36.77 Grams

                                Traditional Necklace of 28.19 Grams

                                Traditional Necklace of 25.9 Grams

                          Traditional Long Necklace of 113.17 Grams


                               Pendent with Ear Tops of 54 Grams


                                            Weight : 89 Grams


                                Traditional Long Necklace of 142 Grams

                                         Traditional Long Necklace of 58 Grams

Traditional Necklace of 38 Grams

                                                 Traditional Necklace of 32 Grams

                                                 Traditional Necklace of 39.10 Grams

Traditional Long Necklace of 56 Grams

Grt Diamond Collections

Diamond bangle(30 grams)
Purity: 18 k

Diamond Necklace(112 grams)
                                                                       Purity: 18 k

Full Image of the above necklace

Diamond Bangle(41.44 grams)
Purity: 18 K

Bracelet (16 grams)
Purity: 20 k

Diamond Ear Tops(12 grams)

Diamond Ear Tops(13.11 grams)
Purity: 20k

Diamond Ear Tops(8.119 grams)
Purity: 20 k

Pendent (24 grams)

Ring(8 grams)

Ring (6.78 grams)

On cut diamond Necklace(145grams)

Soon will update Temple jewelry Collection. Have a nice Day !!